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DSC_0100We offer

  • 24 childcare places
  • Für Kinder ab 3 Monaten bis und mit Schuleintritt
  • 50 open weeks a year
  • 2 weeks holiday holidays over Christmas / New Year
  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 7.00- 18.00 clock
  • Care by pedagogically qualified personnel
  • Versatile and age-appropriate game offers
  • Holistic promotions
  • Individual care
  • Age-mixed groups of children
  • Healthy, seasonal and balanced diet according to Fourchette verte
  • Kindergarten driving service with INVA - Mobil (travel costs are paid by the parents)



Gabriela Tommasini (Geschäftsinhaberin)

Certified toddler educator with further education at the MMI in Zurich to become head of day care for children with several years of experience in the field of management.

Completed teacher training course and expert for FaBe K since 2009


Nicole Wegmüller (Management)

Qualified toddler-educator with several years of experience and further education at the MMI in Zurich to become the director of day-care centers for children.

Completed teacher training course, training officer and expert for FaBe K since 2014


Gizem Alpagat (Team leader)

Diplomierte FaBe K seit 2016

Completed teacher training course, vocational teacher

IMG-20181213-0006 WA2

Daniela Marty (Miterzieherin)

Diplomierte FaBe K seit 2011

Completed teacher training course, internship assistant


Nicole Huber (Co-teacher part-time)

Qualified toddler educator since 2004


Gülsah Dagci (Jumpers)

Diplomierte FaBe K seit 2016


Nadine Marty (Lernende 1.Ausbildungsjahr)


Dominique Strahm (Intern)

Rates copyPrices

Full day care of 7.00 - 18.00 clock Sfr. 126.-

Morning with lunch 7.00 - 12.30 pm
Afternoon with lunch from 11.30 - 17.00 o'clock Sfr. 68.-

Starting from 5.5 care hours Sfr. 14.50 charged.

Morning without lunch 7.00 - 12.00 o'clock
Afternoon without lunch from 13.00 - 18.00 o'clock Sfr. 58.-

The minimum exposure is 20% (one or two half days)
Kleinkinder unter 18 Monaten zahlen einen Zuschlag von Sfr. 25.- pro Tag.

The sibling discount is 10% of the daily rate.

12321339_601316583354400_1222878687086443834_nOur guiding principle:

Ist die Förderung der körperlichen, geistigen, seelischen und sozialen Entwicklung der Kinder. Wir richten unsere Kindertagesstätte nach den Bedürfnissen der Kinder aus und verstehen uns immer als Ergänzung zur Familie.

The daily routine is designed so that there is enough room for flexibility and imagination. We look for a reasonable change of planned activities, free play and experiences in nature. The day-care center becomes a living space that promotes children's social, emotional and intellectual abilities and helps them develop their own individual personality.

We regard each child as an independent personality, which should be promoted on all sides and balancing with the following goals:

  • Independence, autonomy and individuality empathy,
  • Consideration, sense of community and responsibility - moral development
  • taking into account constantly changing values ​​and standards
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